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Man Made


Packaging // Motion Graphics // Point-of-purchase Display // Web // Photography


For this project, we were asked to create & package a product that solved a problem. The problem that I tackled was helping 20-something-year-old men dress for interviews and other business/formal events. The solution is Man Made, a small business who has pre-made, bold, sexy and noticeable outfits. The logo is used on the outside band, and designates the color of the included shirt, tie and pocket square. It’s multifunctional, woo! Included are cards teaching men different tie knots, and pocket-square folds. I was also asked to create a point of purchase display for Man Made. The idea is that men can walk up to the mirror and see how they look with the pre-made outfits. Since Man Made is a small business in Seattle, their space is limited, so rather than a big outlandish display, the display sits humbly at the wall showing the clothing sets, and all that comes in box. When the client is approached by one of the few clerks, then having already looked at themselves and the outfits can request a pair in their sizes.