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Kenbe Fem

Kenbe Fem

Motion Graphics // Branding // Promotional Material

Kenbe Fem is a documentary I worked on as a part of Kay Tita. Kenbe Fem follows the story of David Pierre-Louis, a Haitian-American entrepreneur based out of Seattle, as he founds his non-profit Kay Tita whose mission is to empower and strengthen communities and especially entrepreneurs in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Kenbe Fem was directed by Mark Goodnow of the Production Foundry over the last 7 years. The screenings of Kenbe Fem acted as the beginnings of a fundraising campaign for Kay Tita to raise funds to build an Impact Hub in Haiti. The film screened internationally mainly in the US and Europe. In Creole, Kenbe Fem means "to hold firm" or "stand strong."


Intro of the film, we designed the lower thirds as well as the title slide and the motion graphics after the intro scene.

A historical segment of the film. We were given a script and asked to represent the voice over, but not in an exact literal sense.

A representation of Kay Tita's potential influence to empower local entrepenuers. 

Outro scene

Marketing Material Samples

Repeating Social Marketing Videos

Repeating marketing video for social sharing.