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Heartbreak Bitters

Heartbreak bitters

Packaging // Logo // Branding

Heartbreak Bitters, the cure for everything! This project was created for a client who brews her own bitters for mixed drinks. Bitters are used in mixed cocktails, but you can put them in tea, in sodas, or anything to make a better tasting drink. Historically they also had medicinal properties. Most bitters labeling and packaging are dark, masculine, and western, not always approachable for people. Heartbreak Bitters wants to be approachable to let people know the magic that is bitters. There are two sizes of bitter boxes, the 3-pack and the single box. Each box has a label that tells you what flavor is inside, and allows for the purveyor to customize each box with a recommended drink. Since these are gifts, the customized recipe allows for a more personal feel to each box. There is also a gift tag for around the bottle in the 3-pack to write a little note to her friends. There are generally three flavors available, at the time of creating the packaging there was house, orange, and cedar bitters. The flavors go on the bottle labels and on the sticker on the side of the box. This was such a fun and bright project to work on.