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Barn Pros

Barn Pros

Art Direction // Branding // Catalog Design // Page Layout // Photography // Content Design

Barn Pros has been our most loyal customer at Oblong Pixel, they have been there since before we were even founded. We have done so much with Barn Pros for marketing, but one of our biggest achievements has been redesigning their catalog. For some background, Barn Pros is a retailer of high end pre-engineered barn kits that they ship internationally, so essentially a deconstructed barn is delivered to the client where it is assembled. We often photograph barns if they are here in the pacific northwest, so we got to utilize lots of our own photos for the new catalog, including the cover. A few months prior to redesigning the catalog, Barn Pros released a brand new and modern website, so the goal of the catalog redesign was to emulate what had been implemented on the website. We handled this project by creating a number of templates for various uses throughout the catalog, from full page structure spreads, to half page store pages we created a wide variety to try to get as universal as we could.



Whilst working with Barn Pros, I have worked on a wide variety of projects, but the most driving aspect of the Barn Pros brand that I have helped to develop was the photography. Capturing the feel of luxury yet also country required a finesse that demands attention both on shoot and in the editing process. My photos over time have become more prevalent in the BP branding, on the website, the catalog and social media.